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Customers browse Moondog Music Shop in Old Colorado City

Moondog Music Shop in Old Colorado City

When you walk into Moondog Music Shop in Old Colorado City, tread carefully. The store is crammed full of many different types of string instruments. The double bass stands guard over a range of acoustic and electric guitars. There are fiddles on every side and even an unique looking instrument that appears to be the product of a union between a banjo and a base drum.

"everyone that comes in says ‘wow this place is really cool!'"

It wasn’t this way on opening weekend. Mike Judge, the owner of Moondog Music Shop said when we spoke recently, that the first weekend was a bit hectic. Well I guess you have to expect that when you open your doors on Territory Days Weekend! That was the first time Mike and I chatted as I was on my way to my photography Studio above his shop [we've both since moved!]. He already had art on the walls and a very cool collection of rock portraits from the 60s and 70s by local photographer, Larry Hulst. He did manage to get some guitars in that first weekend too, but the store has come a long way from that first day.

Mike said the art happened really quickly. He put out the word he needed something for the bare brick walls and in no time they were full with work from several different artists. Paintings by Danny Gillies hang opposite Larry Hulst’s photographs. Mike met Danny through a chance conversation in his neighborhood. The two live close to each other and got chatting, soon after Danny was hanging his work in Moondog Music Shop.

The combination of art and musical instruments isn’t something you see too often. The two are literally combined with the unique banjos in the window, handmade by local Musician, Jim Marsh. I’ve seen Jim play many times at Front Range Barbecue as part of the local bluegrass sensation Grass It Up. Jim searches antique shops and yard sales for old artistic cans which he turns into “canjos”. Mike says they sound pretty cool. He’s also responsible for the unique bassjo, the instrument that left me scratching my head a bit when I first entered the shop.

Mike’s enjoying the challenge of opening the business and hopes to open more stores in the future. Right now he really likes being part of the community. Working with musicians, promoting their shows and trying to help out bands in any way he can. Basically he wants to further anything to do with music.

He came to Old Colorado City when a property management company showed another premises at 26th street. That place wasn’t right for the vision Mike had for Mood Dog Music Shop, but it got the idea in his head to locate in Old Colorado City. He saw there was a gap for an instrument store between Downtown Colorado Springs and the Dulcimer Shop in Manitou. Mike settled on his current location [CHECK UPDATE FOR NEW LOCATION] as he liked the look of the place. The brick walls give a great feel and Mike says “everyone that comes in says ‘wow this place is really cool!’” I’m inclined to agree, they even have an amp that goes up to twelve!

Perhaps you need to buy, sell or consign an instrument or have your current instrument repaired? Maybe you want banjo or fiddle lessons from one of the local stars of the Bluegrass scene? Or just maybe you’re the one destined to own and play that bassjo? If so you can find Mike, or one of his musician a friends, behind the counter from 11am to 7pm, at 10 S 25th St in Old Colorado City. If you do buy the bassjo, you have to give me a call. Seeing someone play such a unique instrument, is one photo I have to have!

Grass It Up

2018 UPDATE:

Moondog Music has moved down the Avenue to their new location

211 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

(719) 634-7425

This article was originally posted on in 2012.

Moondog Music Shop in Old Colorado City


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