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Thinking of geting a tattoo? Six Crows can help

Six Crows Tattoo Parlor in Old Colorado City

Just off the main strip of West Colorado Avenue and 25th St, Six Crows Tattoo Parlor’s neon signs glow 24/7. Lonnie opened the doors on his first business venture 18 months ago . He says it’ll be his last business venture too, simply because this is what he wants to do till he gets old.

" Six Crows Tattoo Parlor’s neon signs glow 24/7"

He grew up on the Westside, and still lives 2 blocks from his store. It’s the laid back attitude of the area, the people and characters you meet here. “There used to be more weirdo’s, which was great. Less weirdo’s these days means less entertainment”, although people watching in Old Colorado City is still a great way to pass the time.

Lonnie is a local business owner and a tattoo artist, and works alongside Mike and Ben. Each artist has their own style and they try to match the requirements of the tattoo, with the appropriate person. Together they have a collective experience of over 30 years tattooing.

The three of them joke with each other while we chat, and clearly enjoy working together. The atmosphere is laid back and they say the customers get the benefit of quality work from people who love to go to work every day. Even so they appreciate the responsibility of what they do. Ben’s thoughts are “if you’re going to be in this industry you’d better have a love for art and you’d better be pretty serious as this is on someone for life”.

Six Crows Tattoo donates gift cards to local causes to support local charities and raffles to use as prizes. Both to support the community and promote the business. Word of mouth and referrals are still the primary source of advertising. Ben tattoos a lot of army guys stationed at Fort Carson. Being ex-army himself he has that connection which allows him to understand his customer’s better.

They all try to no lose sight of the fact the customer pays their bills. Treating people with respect, providing good customer service and the work itself is enough to keep people coming through the door. Lonnie sums up his business with, “A good tattoo at a reasonable price is what Six Crows Tattoo is all about”. I think it’s it more than that, but you can’t appreciate the atmosphere of a place by reading an article. Stop by next time you’re in Old Colorado City and you’ll see what I mean.

Six Crows Tattoo Parlor

2501 W Colorado Ave # 109 Colorado Springs, CO 80904


This article was originally posted on in 2012.

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